Key Research Areas


Current Projects:

Visual Art and Literature

  • Photography & Literature / Literature & Photography (Prof. John Stauffer, Harvard)
  • Dialect Writing and Visual Media: Painting, Photography, and Language (Erik Redling)


  • “Sound & Vision: Intermediality and American Music” organized by Frank Mehring & Erik Redling (May 26, 2017). Conference Website

Guest Lectures:

  • John Stauffer (Harvard University), “The Beauty of Common Things: Imogen Cunninghams’ Transatlantic Aesthetic” (Muhlenberg Lecture, November 4, 2015, Halle). Website


  • Redling, Erik, ed. Translating Jazz into Poetry: From Mimesis to Metaphor. Berlin, De Gruyter, 2017. Publisher’s Version
  • Redling, Erik, et al., eds. Sound and Vision: Intermediality and American Music. Special Issue of the European Journal of American Studies 12.4 (2017). Online Publication